Friday, May 19, 2006

Why is Kajol returning to films with FANAA?

1) At first it's YASH RAJ FILMS who had made her career with DDLJ.

DDLJ is running still now.

2) The producer is Aditya Chopra - director of DDLJ

3) The director, Kunal Kohli had given a superhit film - Hum Tum.

4) The film is not like typical Hindi films, it's a kind of unconventional film.

5) The script is very good.

6) The script-writer is a family friend of her friend- Karan Johar.

7) It was promised to be a superb musical hit by Jatin-Lalit.

8) Her co-star Aamir Khan is having hits one after another.

9) It's her first - ever sensational pairing with Aamir Khan

10) Her husband's consent.

11) Her long absence from silver screen

12) YASH RAJ is having one hit after another.

13) They're the biggest production house of

14) They're the highest earning production
house since 2004

15) They've built career of Saif Ali Khan who
had not even a solo hit.

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